Design & Art Portfolio

Recent and old work including logos, typography, graffiti, web design, photography, physical products, and whatever else I've made that I'm not embarassed by, organized by subject

Case Study: North Central Montana Transit

Print design, web design, information design... and bus design?

Case Study: MSU-Northern display system

A public LCD information display system, coded and designed using HTML, JavaScript, Google Documents, and some help from an IT guru.

Case Study: The Bio-Energy Center

Selections from my current job, doing design work for a biofuels laboratory.

Case Study: The Filthy Lucre

A slightly sordid tale of typography, journalism, and what happens when a sense of humor meets university politics.

Misc. Photography

A small selection of my photography, both digial and 35mm.

Misc. Digital Design

Assorted designs, either from my time in college, or just for fun.

Misc. Arts & Crafts

A selection of my painting work, textiles, and other hand-crafted items.


Think before you print!